Javad Safaee, webmaster and web designer in Iran

Javad Safaee Communication skills are one of those skills that can make you fail or succeed in any field, but for a site designer, effective communication with the employer, site art manager or programmer is a key factor in the success of a project. Obviously, you can not prove your skills with words, but when negotiating with the employer, you must very clearly state your abilities in the field of site design. You need to talk smartly about your site design decisions, such as why you made those decisions and why they are the best decisions for your employer business. You can also avoid many differences by having communication skills. So arm yourself with effective communication skills to survive in this business (Javad Safaee)

مصاحبه با مهدی مبارکه ،کارآفرین موفق و راه های افزایش فروش

مهدی مبارکه در 9 سپتامبر 1988 در ایران متولد شد ، او یک تاجر معروف ایرانی است که در خانواده ای بزرگ و اصیل بزرگ شد مهدی مبارکه .طی مصاحبه شبکی خبری

Babiam,(Babak Khalil Fam) an Iranian rapper

Babak Khalil Fam, with the artistic name “Babiam” (born January 15, 1994 in Bonab city, East Azarbaijan province, raised in Tehran), is an Iranian singer and songwriter in the style of Persian rap and R&B.
Babak is one of the second wave of singers of this style and his activity has started since 2009.

Amin Fardin is a successful Iranian-German journalist

Amin Fardin was born on September 20, 1991 in Ahvaz, a figure in history who spent his childhood and adolescence there. He has been a former correspondent for the Radio and Television of Iran (Kermanshah, Khuzestan and Tehran) and has recently been involved in exposing and producing controversial programs about celebrities. Amin Fardin was able to dramatically increase the record of Persian YouTube viewers by preparing controversial documentaries called “Behind the Scenes on YouTube”. According to this reporter, one of his most important goals is to increase people’s media literacy. Currently, it is the most watched Persian program on YouTube.