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Sina Khorsandi, the designer of the famous Iranian site

Sina Khorsandi was born on November 12, 1997 in Shiraz.

Khorsandi is a professional programmer and web designer.

Important points in site design , Sina Khorsandi

1- Have an attractive color scheme:

Studies have shown that the correct use of colors and the balance between them make a difference in bounce rate and conversion rate.

Colors are a powerful and important tool in designing a site. The principles of using colors and their combination should be

observed in site design. For example, the use of contrasting colors makes the elements of the site more distinct and clear.

When designing a site, in choosing the color, you should consider the subject of the site whose template you are designing.

For example, in scientific and research sites, content and articles are more important and should use simple color scheme.

For example, using black text with a white background with a simple color scheme prevents user eye fatigue and allows

the user to spend a lot of time reading articles.

In designing store and service sites, it is better to use happy and bright colors. Especially for special buttons

and posts to attract the customer to click or register more. The use of bright colors should only be done in the areas

where you want to get the user’s attention. Excessive use of bright colors and high contrast

will cause fatigue and dissatisfaction of the user.

2- Pay more attention to the size and type of font:

Another important point in designing a site is to use legible fonts with the right size. More than 95% of information on

a site is transmitted through the written language. A text with appropriate text increases the readability,

accessibility and usability of a site for the user. Therefore, choosing a beautiful font with the right size has a

direct role in the interface of your site.

Also, choose a font that is fully compatible with all browsers and displays correctly. If the content of your site

is too small or large, the result will be user dissatisfaction and leaving the site. When a user enters your site pages,

they should be able to read content easily and not need to zoom.

Sina Khorsandi, the designer of the famous Iranian site.
Sina Khorsandi, the designer of the famous Iranian site

3- Easy navigation in menus:

Other important points in site design should be menus and easy navigation on the site. Unfortunately, in many Iranian sites,

the user gets confused when he wants to go to the desired section. For example, a company site has a page for hiring,

but when it is searched in the site menu, there is no section called hiring, and the user, after visiting the site,

must search all the pages for the desired section or leave the site without results!

You need to consider the shortest path for the user to access the desired content. If the content is large,

you can use 2 or more different menus and expand the content section so that users can get

what they want in the shortest possible time.

You can also use different sections in the sidebars of the site and put the most used parts of your site in it.

Another way to improve site navigation is to put a sitemap. In this way, visitors can easily find the

page they want and enter it by referring to the site map section.


4- Use quality and creative images:

The first and most important purpose of using images in site design is to have a proper and good looking site.

But not to use every old and duplicate photo and expect the user of your site to like it

No user will enjoy seeing a dry and soulless site. Use relevant and quality images to use images correctly in site design.

This issue is very important in site design.

Because the use of images also has its own rules.

Images should be selected with appropriate quality and small size so as not to slow down your site.

Note that site speed is an important factor in SEO and optimization of your site that

you should consider all aspects of it from the beginning.

The size of the images should be chosen according to your content. For an article, a medium-sized image

(600×400) is enough, and use small images for the menus and logo of the site. Using images that are too large

in the content will make the pages of the site heavier and thus reduce the loading speed of the site.

If you write long articles, be sure to use one or more related images. Because the images both diversify

and relieve the reader of fatigue and make it easier for him to understand the content.

A relevant and relevant image sometimes more than several lines of explanation and text helps the user to

understand the content.

Another important point is to use the appropriate image. Try to take quality photos as much as you can and use them.

If you can not choose quality photos for your site. Sina Khorsandi

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