Saba Izadpanah TV and theater actor

Saba Izadpanah was born in 1990 in Tehran.

first started her career in the theater and

is one of the actors who has been very active in the theater.consequently

is also a director and professor at the University of Acting Education.

saba izadpana started his career in television in a series called non kh and Saba

Izadpanah became famous after playing in this series.consequently

saba izadpanah

Saba Izadpanah Awards

saba,s Received a statuette and a diploma of honor for the best actress for the play

kar khanegi” at the 20th International University Theater Festival of Iran in 2017

Teaching acting

Saba Izadpanah also has experience in theater directing and teaches acting.
He teaches at Sampad Farzanegan High School affiliated with the National Talent Development Organization and has many students.consequently

First acting experience

Her first experience was acting in the series (non kh) Saba Izadpanah had

not acted in another series before playing in the year (non kh) and this was her first appearance on TV.

Marriage saba izadpanah

This young artist is from the sixties and she is not married

yet and in an interview with a ( cpersian ) reporter she said that I do not

intend to get married and I intend to stay single. consequently

Being single gives a person more freedom to do her work, so I do not want to get married.

Being single gives a person more freedom to do her work, that’s why I don’t want to get married,

that’s why I don’t think about marriage,

and I intend to live single for a few years and take care of my backlog.consequently

Concluding remarks

Thank you for reading this article so far and

I ask you to give more value to the theater and make time for it.


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