Ravoshia Shines Bright As Millions Of People Worldwide Tune Into Fashion Killa

Ravoshia is shining bright like a diamond as a matter of fact a rare one at that. She is stunningly attracting an abundance of attention worldwide with millions of people listening in on radio stations to the hit single Fashion Killa. Apparently, most pin her to be the next big thing to break through. In addition to, the singer’s recent debuts of her new creative projects have stirred up a lot of interest such as Ravoshia’s Mannequin Performance Style 101 that she created from the record’s beat and general style.

Also, the short story titled Mysteriously Her Flames Burn based on her quote written by the singer is acquiring loads of attention. Especially, Ravoshia’s fans who are fawning over the reveal as of lately. The video for Fashion Killa is now playing on the popular TV channel in Germany OKTV via The Chubb Show being watched well over 100,000 times on YouTube proving her to be a viral star on the rise.

As of recent, in an interview, Ravoshia discussed with United Kingdom’s hit radio station Phoenix 98 Fm that while in California she is trying to avoid the forest fires and is thankful for being safe. As well as, mentioning that she is not very close to the fires in California. Ever since early this summer of 2020, even with COVID 19 being at the forefront she’s been climbing up the ladder to extreme success. You can find her in many well-known magazines and much more as Fashion Killa continues to take flight. In August, the recording artist was deemed next to blow by Hip Hop Weekly, a prominent source in the music industry for breaking in new talent.

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