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Milad Samani, programmer and web designer

Milad Samani was born on June 28, 1998 in Shiraz.

Milad is one of the best and most experienced programmers and web designers.

Golden tips for starting programming (Milad Samani)
  1. Prerequisites to start programming

Before you start learning programming, first learn the prerequisites

for programming well. A programmer succeeds when he has the power to analyze a system. Be able to solve problems well.

Not unfamiliar with concepts such as algorithm design and analysis and flowcharts. A good programmer

should be able to design the best algorithm and data structure for his code.

What is Data Structure?

Data Structure is one of the most

fundamental topics needed to

learn and understand many of the major concepts in computer science. Organizing data in a specific

way based on a logical or mathematical model for

Data structures have

different types, each of which is suitable for different programs. Data structure is a method of storing data in a

computer with the aim of easier and more efficient access,

while algorithm is a method to solve a problem by a computer.

Milad is one of the best and most experienced programmers and web designers.
Milad is one of the best and most experienced programmers and web designers.

What is Algorithm Analysis?

The subject of Algorithm Analysis is to determine the amount of resources needed to run each algorithm.

Resources such as time, memory, communication bandwidth,

The efficiency or complexity of each algorithm is indicated

by a function that indicates the number of steps

required to execute the algorithm in terms of input data, or the amount of memory space required in terms of input data.

The average time to test each

It is often observed that a problem can be

solved using several different techniques,

but only one of them leads to an algorithm that is faster than the others. For more information on this wiki Use Pedia.

Concepts of Information and Communication Technology (IT)

As a programmer, you need to be familiar with IT concepts.

For example, how are your codes executed?

How do they get to the server?

What do interpreters have to do with the compiler? Software, hardware and…

Choosing the right language to start programming

There are many languages for programming.

But it can be said that the syntax or grammar

of most programming languages is similar to C ++ (C ++).

So I suggest you if you are a beginner to learn the full C ++ loss training. In the previous post,

You can learn more about simple and understandable programming languages by reading the previous post. consequently

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