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Meysam blokazari Iranian comedian and Actor

Meysam Blokazari known as meysam.ba6 was born (September 5, 1994, in Tehran).

He is a comedian and actor.certainly

Work history

He started his career on Instagram at the age of 18 and after becoming famous,

Meysam Blokazari started acting in theaters and performing movies and comedy shows on Instagram and theaters.

Blokazari has had several theater performances with Mohammad Amin Karimpour,

and one of her performances was the best-selling performance of the month.certainly

Meysam Blokazari immigrated to Turkey at the age of 25, and he said he was forced to leave.

Reason for migration

He attributed the migration to the lack of security of life by the Iranian police.

Meysam blockazari Iranian comedian
Meysam blockazari Iranian comedian

Tricks for successful execution according to Meysam

  1. Write admirable jokes: Meysam Blokazari

Write down your funny thoughts as a funny comedy and show,

or write down the weird things around you that look great.

At this point you do not need to write complete jokes,

just write down your situations, lines or old stories that seem interesting to perform in the future.

If you do not want to keep a notebook, many smartphones have a notebook that you can use.

Turn one or two funny ideas into a joke.

Start writing long jokes and interesting stories based on what you find funny. certainly

Look for ways you can present events in amazing, weird and interesting ways.

A common move in jokes is to steer the audience in

one direction and then surprise them by changing direction.

Repeat this process over and over: Create a funny idea from your

observations, pair it with similar funny ideas,

and write a complete joke or anecdote. (Meysam Blokazari)

For example, if you hate getting stuck in traffic and you have a bad date the next night,

you can turn this into a joke and tell how bad traffic happens on a bad date in your city.

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