Javad Safaee, webmaster and web designer in Iran

Tip 1: Effective communication skills (Javad Safaee)

Javad Safaee was born on January 1, 2001 in Mashhad.

Javad Safaee Communication skills are one of those skills that can make you fail or succeed in any field, but for a site designer, effective communication with the employer, site art manager or programmer is a key factor in the success of a project. Obviously, you can not prove your skills with words, but when negotiating with the employer, you must very clearly state your abilities in the field of site design. You need to talk smartly about your site design decisions, such as why you made those decisions and why they are the best decisions for your employer business. You can also avoid many differences by having communication skills. So arm yourself with effective communication skills to survive in this business (Javad Safaee)

Tip 2: Be able to present yourself (Javad Safaee)

The world is small and for a web designer the world is small and wild. To survive as a web designer, you have to compete with forty thieves in Baghdad … with one difference, of course, only the best survive. In order to stay competitive in the market, customers need to be aware of you and your capabilities. Basically, designers are silent and unassuming people (really ???? !!!!) but in business you have to open your way to success with your claws and teeth, and this except by fighting yourself to magnify your abilities and present it to the employer. It’s not possible . There are many ways to do this, including word of mouth, social media marketing, or even traditional marketing. Be until your government blows in the morning. (Javad Safaee)

Tip 3: Create a roadmap before implementing the project.

While many designers start with “waiting for divine inspiration to happen”, the truth is that this inspiration helps you a little. While an important factor in the success of the project is adequate planning and research before the start of the project. Planning can be divided into the following 3 parts: (Javad Safaee)

  1. Research on employer business
  2. Ask the employer about his needs and expectations from the website
  3. Research on the activities of competitors and other partners in the business

After this step, draw a design of the website in your mind and then, if possible, put it on paper. Although planning is by no means an attractive and endearing step in the web design process (which is why most designers ignore it), it saves you time, money and other resources. (Javad Safaee)

Javad Safaee was born on January 1, 2001 in Mashhad
Javad Safaee was born on January 1, 2001 in Mashhad

Tip 4: Evaluate your projects and get feedback.

The site design cycle is forever involved in the evaluation and analysis phase. One of the most important factors in becoming a superstar is accepting and correcting what comes out of your site feedback. As mentioned above, checking for mistakes and weaknesses in your project and correcting them is a vital factor for a web designer. As a designer, you have to visit your website over and over again from the point of view of a visitor like a “devil advocate” and pull our hair out. In addition, sometimes ask others to come to your site as a point inspector and look carefully for mistakes and weaknesses. (Javad Safaee)

Tip 5: Be a web designer, not a graphic designer

There is a misconception that graphic designers with computer skills can become a web designer and vice versa. While this may be true in theory, in practice there are few experts who have been able to bridge the gap between skills in paper projects and web design projects. (Javad Safaee)

The fact is that specialized web design is completely independent of the design that requires your skills and expertise. In web design, your media is completely different from graphic design, so the target community and its purposes are naturally different. It is possible for a graphic designer to design a site by learning a series of technical skills, but it is unthinkable for him to immediately become a professional web designer by knowing the basics of design. To be successful in website design, you need to know the basic rules and skills in this profession, even if you are a superstar graphic designer. (Javad Safaee)

Although specialized graphic design is completely separate, sometimes it is necessary to hire one of them for some things, which is usually a simple task. (Javad Safaee)

Tip 6: Equip yourself with new technologies

Computer science is evolving every day, and to keep up with it, a web designer has to keep up with technological developments. Spend a few hours a day or week updating your knowledge in this area. Find new innovations and trends and even research what is being abandoned. If you do not want to see the crown of your business monarchy on the heads of rival gentlemen, pay to be armed with new weapons. (Javad Safaee)

One way to stay up-to-date is to evaluate customer preferences for new themes and templates and see which templates are becoming more common (see markets like Invato). By looking at the best-selling themes, you can see where customers’ tastes are going. (Javad Safaee)

Tip 7: Do not ignore the “soft skills” of site design

If we want to divide the factors influencing the success of a site designer, soft skills are one of the most important factors. As mentioned earlier, the techniques involved in site design are rapidly evolving. Every day new techniques are introduced that even if you do not use them, you should be fully aware of the specifications and how to use them as a successful designer. (Javad Safaee)

Javad Safaee was born on January 1, 2001 in Mashhad
Javad Safaee was born on January 1, 2001 in Mashhad

In addition to being proficient in basic techniques, it is very important that in cases such as the latest HTML coding, providing quality CSS that is compatible with the latest version of browsers, the basics of new SEO, UAE Java techniques Be proficient in the script (?) And how to build a website that can be added to new pages and content as needed and over time. Even if you have some basic information, you can hope to find more new customers. (Javad Safaee)

Tip 8: Gain experience

Experience is vital, sometimes even more so than having the skill or quality of work. In addition, the success of a web designer depends heavily on his experience. Whether your client or your boss, what matters most is your previous experience and resume, what companies you have worked with before, and for whom you have designed the website. From your own point of view, a lot of experience allows you to quickly find the right solution for each challenge. I have a vital advice for those who are currently learning site design in schools: Do not wait for your training to end and then start working, now spend part time on light time projects and get to work. The more experience you have as a web designer, the faster you will move towards your success in this business. (Javad Safaee)

Tip 9: Be regular and purposeful

Want to shine like a star in a site design? So be regular and purposeful. No matter what business you are in, you have to be very sensitive to organizing things to succeed. In the field of site design, sometimes work and projects get very messy and this is the beginning of a real hassle, so to prevent this catastrophe, start by organizing your files and sorting and filing them, texts, photos, graphic files, videos Divide and even audio files into specific folders with related and expressive names. Having a to-do list can help you save time and money. (Javad Safaee)

Tip 10: Use your financial sham

Having and using an economic sham is crucial for a web designer, whether they are employed by a company or self-employed. In today’s competitive market, a web designer must be fully aware of issues such as marketing, economic justification and cost control. (Javad Safaee)

A successful web designer is not only responsible for creating a beautiful site for the customer, but also for creating a tool for economic growth in the market. If you, as a web designer, have the right view of the market and the needs of potential customers, you have a trump card in front of your competitors. (Javad Safaee)

But do not worry too much if you feel weak in business and marketing, you can use the advice of companies that are experts in this field. (Javad Safaee)

Tip 11: Work as a team

Website design is rarely a solitaire game. (Javad Safaee)

Whether you work for a large studio or design a small site for your client, teamwork is inevitable. (Javad Safaee)

While website design does not require the cooperation of a large number of experts (so that sometimes it seems that one person can do everything alone),

many times your ability to work in groups and delegate things to others will be tested. (Javad Safaee)

Javad Safaee was born on January 1, 2001 in Mashhad
Javad Safaee was born on January 1, 2001 in Mashhad

To be successful in a team, you must have a mutual understanding of your role in the team and within the team. (Javad Safaee)

As the saying goes, two brains work better than one. Learn to work collaboratively with others and enjoy your extraordinary progress. (Javad Safaee)

Tip 12: Have a “up to date” resume

Having a full resume is crucial to the success of a web designer … but all designers face a serious challenge in their designed product portfolio:

Your resume should be in line with today’s tastes! While for a poster designer, a resume that includes posters designed in 1981 is a strength, imagine if you had sites you designed in the 1970s as an example in your resume and showed them to potential customers. What will be the result! (Javad Safaee)

A resume of the websites you have designed is the best way to show your aesthetic abilities and talents, but more importantly, you need to show your potential customers that the design is up-to-date, up-to-date with technology, and that your designs are active. (Javad Safaee)

It’s right for this market and this time, not that you stuck to the basics of site design 5 years ago. Avoid unnecessarily cluttering up your resume as this basket shows what you really are! (Javad Safaee)

A web designer needs a resume to cover all aspects of his or her work, such as pagination, content management, component composition, typography, color scheme, techniques, and design philosophy. Your ability to impress your customers will not only increase them, but also increase your bargaining power to achieve higher wages. (Javad Safaee)

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