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Issues, Premium, and Articles of New OrganizedParisian Magazine

In our society, the magazine put forward the things and information that a newspapercannot. From the 19th Century, someilliterate people are identified, and different types of the top like entertainment and family-based magazine launchedpopularly in a week. The magazine is a thingthatisread by everyhumandaily. The magazine introduces certain information to society like entertainment, population, marketing goods, and services. The magazine provides long-termwritingfacilities. A magazine isissuedeverymonth or sometimesweekly basis. The quality of paperused in the magazine isbetterthan the newspaper. Throughtechnicalimprovements and the rise of the internet in the 20th Century, many magazines the organizer put the version of their magazine material online. 

A Parisian magazine publishes a new magazine named as “Fresh Magazine Paris” whichincludessome interviews and other articles.

PersonalitiesIntroduced in Magazine:

      The began of the magazine isfrom an interview withtwoinfluencers. Theseinfluencersimpress people withtheirknowledge and skills. FreshMag Paristakesbirth in October 2020 and at the end of November 2020 willreleased the first issue of Fresh Magazine whichisalsoprovided in the digital version.

Janaina de Macedois a Food Blogger, attract the people towards nutrition throughdaily post and captions behindit. Janaina De Macedo persuades clients by fitness routine and diet. Janainaisdoing a great job to energize people withdifferent techniques.

Yanis Bargoin, A Lifestyle Instagramer, art lover, and living the best life by ownrules and regulations. He existsmuchdifferently to put a logical transformation in the kind of business. He concludesthat people shouldwork hard in differentfields to bring out the hidden talent frominside.


        A Fresh Magazine escorts the timeline, Parisianaddress, and other magazines for advertising. Thingsdiscussed in this magazine is all about the “Art of Living”. It discovers more necessary sources like demanding restaurants, luxuryhotels, and more. The magazine iswrittenwithdifferent sections like travelling, shopping, fashion, influencers, beauty, culture, and technology. One more personalityisshowed in the magazine. He is a chef. Who won Season 11 of “Top Chef”. David Gallienneis a French cook, whois the star of his restaurant. And have littlepridebecause of the taste in his hands. The Young generationfollows the youth or personalitieswho gave themeasy techniques whichmaketheir life more comfortable in thesePandemic conditions.


Mainly, the first issue isthatthis magazine ispublished in France, the art of French living or the French know-how. At the start, every magazine publisher has to face difficultiesfromnegative people. Still, in the end, you are rewardedwithgreat respect and your impact on people remainsforever as “Janaina De Macedo says” that I workedalone. I learntoday how to collaboratewithother people and push forward to getsuccess in life ahead.

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