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Easy Ways To Keep Skin Protected From Blue Light During Lockdown

At around this time of year in the Philippines, the beauty arsenal is typically taken over by sun defense products, body shimmer oils as well as bronzers. Since lockdowns were declared two months ago, all best laid plans for luxuriating on pristine beaches and soaking up the summer sun were unceremoniously replaced by endless hours spent at home. Our laptops, television sets, desktops and smartphones have become our only portals to the outside world save for the occasional grocery run.

Extended time spend with our gadgets means increased exposure to blue light technology. The glossary for skin protection and care is expanding at a rate we can barely keep up with. Consumers like myself are also often overwhelmed by the barrage of highfalutin terms—UVA, UVB, SPF, zinc oxide sunscreen, mineral based sunscreen. The list is endless. But why is blue light suddenly something worth looking into?

More recently, skin experts have been drawing attention to blue light or HEV (High Energy Visible). Basically, this is the type of light that is found in sunlight. It also present in LED lights, fluorescent lights, our computer screens, smart phones and tablet screens. Too much exposure to this high energy light is generally stressful for the eyes. It also has adverse effects on our skin especially in cases of extended exposure. Studies in recent years have shown that blue light can cause increased pigmentation and generation of free radicals. It has also been observed to cause inflammation, wrinkles, premature aging, wrinkles and breakdown of collagen.

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