SpaceX delays next Starlink satellite armada dispatch because of rocket ‘recuperation issue’

Another dispatch date has not yet been set. SpaceX canceled the dispatch of another armada of Starlink web satellites on Thursday (Feb. 17) because of a “recuperation issue” identified with … Read More

Specialists state , The sun has begun another solar cycle

Like clockwork, the sun finishes a sun powered pattern of quiet and blustery movement and starts another one. It’s imperative to comprehend the sun oriented cycle since space climate brought … Read More

A Stalled Storm Will Drench The Carolinas This Week

Flash flood watches are in effect across much of the southern Appalachians and the Piedmont in anticipation of heavy rain that could overwhelm local waterways and sewerage systems. The latest forecast from the Weather Prediction Center calls for several inches of rain from southwestern Virginia to upstate South Carolina, with the bulk of the heavy rain focused on North Carolina. The heaviest rain will fall on Wednesday and Thursday.