Babiam,(Babak Khalil Fam) an Iranian rapper

Babak Khalil Fam, with the artistic name “Babiam(born January 14, 1995 in Bonab city, East Azarbaijan province, raised in Tehran), is an Iranian singer and songwriter in the style of Persian rap and R&B.
Babak is one of the second wave of singers of this style and his activity has started since 2009.
(Babiam) Due to financial problems and other similar issues, he could not have a colorful presence in the music market, but over time, he was able to find his place.
Due to economic problems, he dropped out of college and entered the job market.

However, writing and reading rap music had become a part of his life.
In this style of music, he places various themes in his poems and tries to have a wide variety of fans.
At that time, Babak met a person who was very similar to him in terms of living conditions, and he began to develop and become more interested in this style of music.
Pouyan Sharokhi, with the artistic name of Sharoo, is Babak’s best friend who has been collaborating with each other since 2009 and now (April 2016) they have established their own music label called “Our Self” with the help of each other.

A large number of the music of these two people have been unofficially shared with other artistic names in cyberspace by these two people, but currently there are 2 official tracks called “New Year” and “Battery Hour” from This label has been published.
Babak says the group’s plans are to release a new song on a regular basis each month to satisfy their audiences.
Babak and Pouyan were able to work together to bring a number of close friends into the label and expand the label’s activities using each person’s unique abilities.

Babiam, an Iranian rapper
Babiam, an Iranian rapper

(Babiam) One of the main members of this group is Free Jay. Frey G, who was the baby of Bobby M and Sharo’s old place, is now the composer and arranger of “Our Own” label music.
The tasteful and talented lawyer of this label’s daughter is Azin. With his special skill, he gives a special color to the music with his voice.

Kiamehr Mohsenpour is another member of this group who is in charge of editing, digital marketing and making group teasers.
Hamid Khazaei, one of the prominent filmmakers of Iranian television and cinema, who is in charge of filming the teasers and music videos of the group.
Hamed Heydari, a close friend of Sharo and Babi Man, who has been instrumental in shaping and elevating the group’s work.
The band is now a strong hit in the hip hop and R&B music market, and hopes to shine as soon as possible.

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