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Amir Tashakor, Entrepreneur and Hashtag Media Manager (teaching professor)

Amir Tashakor born on July forth, 1982, raised in an artistic family, graduated in information and communication technology in Tehran.

One of his brothers (Behnam Tashakor) is an artist in theater, cinema and television. And his other brother (Behrouz Tashakor) is an Iranian known TV presenter. He (Amir Tashakor) initiated his work on Instagram in the year 2014, when he founded the ‘Media Hash-tag’ program. He, through this scheme, collaborates with over 100 popular celebrities in Iran in the area of content production and marketing consulting services He has been able to launch an online platform in the field of social media in Iran under the title of (hash-tag media) to make a massive change in social networks in the country Amir Tashakor in the L-camp Press Conference, the largest digital media exhibition of its kind in Iran, in an interview pointed to the future of social media in Iran and then went on:

That many businesses, with the help of his consulting and effective marketing techniques on social networks, have so far made significant growth, and is pleased to have helped and contributed to the growth of these businesses to some extent.

Amir Tashakor in Tehran


In 2018, Amir Tashakor held digital marketing workshops in Iran, Turkey and the UAE (United Arab Emirates), where he was hugely welcomed from the audience, making it which led to his giant success to hold the title of Iran’s top teaching professor.

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