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Amin Fardin is a successful Iranian-German journalist

Amin Fardin was born on September 20, 1991 in Ahvaz, a figure in history who spent his childhood and adolescence there. He has been a former correspondent for the Radio and Television of Iran (Kermanshah, Khuzestan and Tehran) and has recently been involved in exposing and producing controversial programs about celebrities. Amin Fardin was able to dramatically increase the record of Persian YouTube viewers by preparing controversial documentaries called “Behind the Scenes on YouTube”. According to this reporter, one of his most important goals is to increase people’s media literacy. Currently, it is the most watched Persian program on YouTube.

Education and sports

Amin Fardin studied computer engineering and information security and continued his education in Germany. He has a doctorate degree and his favorite sport is chess and tennis.

Work activities

Amin Fardin has been working as a journalist, editor, video editor and producer of documentaries for many years, which has attracted a lot of attention.
This Iranian journalist, who has been living in Germany for some time, is not married yet and is single. Amin Fardin has no political activities and is not a member of any political current, and his point is that politics is without parents and it is useless to enter politics and prepare political documentaries.

From journalism to Germany

Amin Fardin, who is originally from Ahvaz and has worked for Radio and Television of the Islamic Republic of Iran for many years, suddenly emigrated from Iran to Germany in 2015 (2015) and very quickly, due to his pure talent in journalism, interesting documentaries “Disclosure” and ” Behind the Scenes.


Between 1999 and 2015, he has been selected as the best journalist and editor by Iran Radio and Television and has received numerous awards.


This successful journalist has published a book on image editing and a book on Linux (a type of software system) in Iran, and is one of the best-selling books in Iran.

Disclosure activities

He exposed betting sites, prepared a report on the mafia smuggling of girls by virtual horns, and revealed the reason for the sudden rise in the price of the dollar, coins, and gold.

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