Moltafet, the most original rap and hip hop group in Iran

  • Moltafet is a musical and visual arts collective devoted to the support and promotion of contemporary and experimental music, digital arts and film. Established in 2011, by pioneers of Iranian hip hop music, Moltafet’s members released a number of critically acclaimed albums, upholding their reputation as innovators in Iranian underground music scene, engaging millions of Iranian youth and making waves across the globe.
  • The work and activities of Moltafet members have caught the eyes of media houses including, Newsweek, New York Times, Financial Times, BBC News, Huffington Post, Le Monde, PBS, Télérama, Vanity Fair, Libération, NPR, Independent, Deutsche Welle, Les Inrocks, THUMP, Le Figaro, France Inter, The Daily Show and Washington Post, to name a few.
  • Moltafet’s musical style originally drew on a blend of traditional eastern music and experimental electronic music, using atypical time-signatures, instruments and sound design, sculpting the sound and identity of Iranian hip hop genre. In more recent times, Moltafet has diversified their activities into online installations, 3D digital arts and film. What remains the same, is Moltafet’s quest for continuously challenging the status quo using arts as a medium for creating awareness around cultural and social issues.

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